The SCV Business Group was founded by eleven Santa Clarita Business people in winter 2002. This core group met for several weeks, striving to design a networking group that would be productive and rewarding while placing personal relationships high on the list of priorities. By the end of their first meeting, on February 8, 2002, membership had increased from eleven to thirty-eight.This networking group, known as The SCVBG, over 75 members strong, boasts representation of many of Santa Clarita’s finest businesses. Criteria which sets this group apart from many is in part, a high level of commitment to cross-referring business,
and also the determination to continue perfecting the group under the direction of a strong board of directors.The SCVBG requires strict adherence to attendance and referral codes, which ensures that those businesses desiring membership maintain all the same level of commitment brought forward by the groups founding members.

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