Rachelle Jones

Grief Recovery with Rachelle

Grief Recovery

Rachelle Jones, a Level 2 Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist, delivers highly trained and specialized Grief Recovery support and tools to humans who have experienced sad, painful, or negative emotional effects after loss or change (or will eventually). Her classes are the only evidence-based proven method in the world to effectively lead people from grief–normal and natural conflicting feelings after change–to recovery.

Her 2-day or 8-session class options empower humans by leaving them both knowledgeable and practiced at using the life skills required for a more fulfilling, joyful, and resilient life. Rachelle’s action-based classes help grievers not only survive, but to thrive after 40+ types of change: pet loss; change to health; change to income; empty nesting; retirement; alzheimer’s/dementia; loss of trust; loss of safety; loss of control of one’s body; death; divorce; etc. .

Rachelle is also trained to teach adults with children in their care how to lead them as well because children experience too. Examples include loss of a cherished pet, death of a grandparent, a move, divorce of a trusted love one, bullying, and any type of abuse. Those classes are offered via 4 or 6-week options.

Classes are for those looking for “lightness,” “better sleep,” “better communication,” “more compassion for others,” “greater clarity and focus,” “increased energy,” “relieved depression and anxiety,” “deeper human connections,” “less sadness,” “reduced or erased PTSD triggers,” and the list goes on! Contact Rachelle for your free mini-class.


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