Pedro Cisneros,

VIP Veterinary Services Inc.


Dr. Pedro G. Cisneros has been a veterinarian for over 27 years and has lived in Santa Clarita about 20 years. After doing his undergrad studies at Cal Poly Pomona, he received a Masters of Science degree in Animal Genetics from the University of Maryland before attending the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Initially he practiced large animal and equine medicine and surgery, which gradually expanded to exotics and mixed animal practice. Dr. Cisneros continues to take courses and attend seminars to improve the quality of medicine and surgery he provides. Orthopedic and soft-tissue surgeries are one of his special interests, as well as endoscopy and minimally invasive procedures.

VIP was established in 1995 at its current location. In 2002 Dr. Barrrera, who had worked for VIP, took over the practice, and now Dr. Cisneros has taken the practice back since July 6, 2012.


Inside: 452 Outside: 62